improve your Mariage by learnig Fair figting techniques improve your Mariage by learnig Fair figting techniques
Positive Conclicts, How to improve your relationships by handling disputes in a positive and constructive manner

Why do we describe conflict as positive?

Learn the connection between change and growth and conflict!

We will never know what we can do without challenge and opposition.

We will never develop new skills if sheer necessity does not force us to do so.

In short, without conflict, we will never grow.

When you engage others in positive conflict, you are telling them that he/she is important enough for you to invest some energy in improving the relationship, by challenging the sore points in it.

You are making others a big compliment by having a positive conflict with them!

Conflict is positive when it:

  • Results in clarification of important problems and issues
  • Results in solutions to individual or common problems
  • Involves people together in resolving issues important to them
  • Causes authentic communication
  • Helps in working through emotion, anxiety, and stress
  • Builds cooperation among people through learning the reciprocal limits about each other
  • Helps individuals develop understanding of other's positions and interpersonal skills.
  • Provides recognition of each Other's humanity.

So, you need to learn how to do conflict in a positive way, RIGHT?

In the next letter we will tell you how!

You can start learning right now how to sustain positive confrontations, reading and working the many tactics that the the e-book “POSITIVE CONFLICTS” offers to you.

You can download it here and be reading it in just a few minutes.
I'll talk to you again soon.


Your Friend,
Neil Warner


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