improve your Mariage by learnig Fair figting techniques improve your Mariage by learnig Fair figting techniques
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How to be a “GOOD ENEMY”

A Good Enemy does not avoid the confrontation, does not escape from angry words, or rejects the whole interaction.

A good enemy listens to the barrage of accusations, ignores the way of delivery, and listens to the hidden content (the need for contact, the desperation of loneliness)

And then says, honestly: “thanks for telling me this: I will try to understand your point of view as best as I can.”

What is the difference?

A Good Enemy refuses to escalate, and listens.

This response does not mean to avoid the confrontation: it means to process it by different means.

It also means to listen to the message and ignore the envelope where the message was wrapped: angry words, high voice, aggressive words, emotional position, and recover the meaning:

there is a problem, someone is upset about it, and I'd better take notice and listen.”

Some people are so upset by the way things are said, that they don't pay attention to what is said: in this way, the rejection of the wrapping allows them to reject content.

But you still need to have your views across!!!!

A Good Enemy will try to say the same thing in different and respectful ways, up until you listen, even if it hurts, AND THEN MOVE TO PROBLEM SOLVING TOGETHER!

 Then, by applying the ideas we offer in this new, exciting ebook, you will become a positive conflict agent, what we call being a “Good Enemy”!


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I'll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,
Neil Warner


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